Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Employment Opportunities

The Special Projects Consultancy

The Special Projects Consultancy builds the capacity of organizations while also equipping our students with the skills they need to begin and advance their careers, particularly in the nonprofit sector or in consulting.

Through the Special Projects Consultancy, students will...

  • Be Connected to Local Community Leaders by supporting their organizations' work.
  • Gain Consulting Experience through solving real-life problems community-based organizations face in their day-to-day work. 
  • Have Access to Professional Development Opportunities such as workshops hosted by the Community Programs Accelerator, its partners, and other organizations throughout Chicago.
  • Build Connections with UChicago faculty, staff, and students whose work aligns with the organization's mission and with industry practitioners who can help the organization reach its goals.

How it Works

Each quarter, a project consultant will be paired with one or two South Side community-based organizations or initiatives that have discrete project needs in a specific area to be completed in 10 or 20 weeks with the support of their team, Accelerator staff, and organizational leadership.

Teams are led by one student who has demonstrated experience in the topical area of the team. New leaders are generally picked from current team members. 

Sample Projects

How to Apply

The Community Programs Accelerator is currently accepting applications for all of the consulting teams. These positions are open to all applications, but work-study is preferred. 

Available positions can be found on Pathfinder. Apply through Pathfinder or through our online application form