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Strong nonprofits and leaders are vital to healthy communities and civic infrastructure. Nonprofits provide essential services and are critical contributors to identifying neighborhood-level needs and addressing challenges. The ultimate goal of this project is to strengthen South Side nonprofit community organizations and leaders through increased capacity building, technical assistance, and coordination of other University resources.

The Community Programs Accelerator provides direct grant funding, implements four levels of capacity building technical assistance, and facilitates access to a range of University resources to contribute to community-based efforts to achieve its ultimate goal. This work aims to build the organizational resilience, programmatic strength, and capacity of community-based nonprofits and leaders who are implementing and innovating community programs serving the South Side.

chicago hyde park village
Community Programs Accelerator: Chicago Hyde Park Village
Community Programs Accelerator: Five Years Forward
Kemati J. Porter, eta Creative Arts Foundation

"Being part of the Accelerator taught us the value of reaching out and finding people who can answer questions, open doors, and provide a resource."

Susan Alitto, Chicago Hyde Park Village

“Without the Accelerator, we would not be anywhere near where we are now. They not only gave us resources and help, they gave us the courage to try things.”

Sheldon Smith, The Dovetail Project

“The Accelerator did the vetting and strengthening that we needed in order to present ourselves to foundations and funders, who want to feel comfortable and know that you’re solid before they invest in you.”