Hyde Park Herald: U. of C. Accelerator awards $50,000 each to Hyde Park Village, West Point School of Music

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The University of Chicago Community Programs Accelerator has awarded $50,000 to senior citizen-serving Chicago Hyde Park Village and to the West Point School of Music in South Shore. Five other South Side nonprofits have been selected for the associate-level program, receiving a year of organizational and technical support from Accelerator consultants and university graduate students.

At a Feb. 28 announcement at the Green Line Performing Arts Center, 329 E. Garfield Blvd., Vice President for Civic Engagement Derek R. B. Douglas said foundation-funded nonprofits are the "backbone" of many urban communities but often need additional help to thrive.

"Many of these organizations are started by new entrepreneurs," he observed. "They have a passion for the mission, but some of the other components of how you make an organization sustainable, they need support in doing that." 

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